Dr. Abbasseh Towfigh

Dr. Abbasseh Towfigh has been with the practice since completing her surgical residency in 1993. She brings a unique set of skills to the practice in the areas of podiatric surgery and in the treatment of children and adolescents. She is one of the few podiatrists in the Southern California area who speaks several different languages including Spanish, Farsi, Italian and French.

Dr. Towfigh offers intuitive solutions when it comes to podiatric issues for our female patients. She also has a special interest in the area of “plastic” and “cosmetic” surgery having had additional training and emphasis on achieving superior cosmetic results.

Dr. Towfigh devotes much of her free time to nonprofit organizations supporting such issues as human rights violations, substance abuse and HIV/AIDS. You can review the latest segment featuring Dr. Towfigh in a series by NPR called “The Changing Lives of Women”.

Quick Profile

Name: Abbasseh Towfigh
Address: 1260 15th street, suite 1014, Santa Monica, CA 90404
Phone: + 310-451-1618
Speciality Podiatric Medicine & Surgery
Degree Doctor of Podiatric Medicine