Foot Care Facts

There are many myths and misconceptions about our feet, and the causes and cures of foot and ankle problems. Below are a few to consider - FACT OR FICTION?

Bunions are caused by wearing high heeled shoes or tight fitting shoes. FICTION

I got my toenail fungus from my husband or wife. FICTION

Clear nail polish is better for toenails than colored nail polish. FICTION

Some nail polishes are better for your nails than others. FACT - we carry one such brand in our office.

Prescription and nonprescription topical medications to treat toenail fungus are effective. MOSTLY FICTION

All fungal toenails can be cured with the use of a laser. FICTION

Vicks VapoRub, vinegar or herbal soaks are a good cure for fungal toenails. FICTION

Bunions, hammertoes and other bony foot deformities can be corrected using splints or pads. FICTION

You can permanently cure an ingrown toenail by cutting a V in the middle of the nailplate or sticking cotton under the ingrowing nail. FICTION

Medicated pads are fine to treat lumps, bumps or anything hard and painful on your feet. FICTION

You can avoid corns and calluses by wearing shoes that are too big for you. FICTION

You should see a podiatrist even if you don’t have foot pain. FACT

Wearing nylons will make your feet stop perspiring. FICTION

Heel spurs causing pain need to be removed. FICTION

It is not good to wear flats and tennis shoes all the time. You should wear a variety of foot gear for the health of your feet. FACT

Customized over-the-counter foot supports you get at shoe stores or drug stores are just as good as prescription orthotics devices from a podiatrist. FICTION

Heel spurs can be cured with hot soaks. FICTION

Rolling a frozen water bottle under your foot can cure plantar fasciitis. FICTION

When you have a blister, don’t ever pop it! FICTION

Feet that smell (“bromhydrosis”) can be cured by washing your feet in alcohol. FICTION

There is nothing to do if you break a toe, just let it heal on its own. FICTION

Wooden clogs are a good support platform for your feet. FICTION

Approximately 85% of all foot surgeries in the United States are performed by podiatrists. FACT