Diabetic Foot Complications

Podiatric care is essential in minimizing diabetic foot complications. We will perform the necessary examination and evaluation of your feet, including vascular supply, neurological status, musculo-skeletal integrity, and dermatological conditions that may lead to diabetic foot complications. We will develop a treatment plan specific to your footcare needs.

Diabetic foot problems stem from complications from diabetes such as nerve damage (neuropathy) and poor blood circulation. They can include:
• Infections and ulcers (sores) that don’t heal
• Nail disorders such as ingrown toenails and fungal infections
• Dry cracked skin
Corns and calluses
Hammertoes and bunions
• Brittle bones “arthritis”

One of our biggest concerns is to prevent ulcerations that when left untreated can lead to amputation and possibly death.

It is important to incorporate the following in your regular routine:
• You or someone should inspect your feet daily for possible problems
• DO NOT ignore leg pain.
• Observe for changes in circulation
• Pay attention to the color of your toes
• Have your nails professionally and do not go barefoot
• Absolutely NO bathroom surgery
• Check water temperature in the bath or shower with your hands

Our office specializes in preventative diabetic foot complications care and may involve regular debridement of recurrent lesions, shoe therapy, prescription orthotic devices, paddings or splinting, and of course patient education.

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