Dr. Abbasseh Towfigh
Dr. Abbasseh Towfigh Dr. Abbasseh Towfigh has been with the practice since completing her surgical residency in 1993. She brings
Dr. Terry Boykoff

Dr. Terry Boykoff is the one of the original founders of the practice. He has been involved in many local, state and national podiatric organizations throughout his career. After 30 years in private practice, Dr. Boykoff enjoys a multi-generational referral base from patients, their families, and referring doctors and their families for their foot and ankle care.

Dr. Boykoff holds certifications to perform forefoot, rearfoot and reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, but his primary emphasis is on nonsurgical solutions for patients’ foot problems.

Dr. Boykoff’s overwhelming practice philosophy of “surgery as the last resort” permeates the medical practice as a whole. We understand that patients do not want to have surgery, they are simply looking for ways to get rid of their pain. Dr. Boykoff enjoys basketball and golf.

Dr. Mark Wallen

Dr. Wallen has practiced for 35 years in Santa Monica and has developed a large referral base from local physicians. In 2012, he merged his solo practice into the Santa Monica Podiatry Group. Dr. Wallen was born in Toronto and is of course, a serious Hockey fan.

Dr. Wallen’s surgical expertise includes soft tissue and bone tumor removal and treatment of arthritic conditions of the foot and ankle. Maintaining joint motion is the ideal goal, rather than fusion procedures. The doctor is experienced with utilizing FDA approved Class 4 “true-cold” Laser therapy especially for nerve conditions affecting the foot and ankle.

Dr. Wallen specializes in the use of modern orthobiologic injection therapy with PRP (platelet rich plasma) plus A2M (Alpha 2 Macroglobulin) for the non-surgical treatment of tendon and joint diseases. The doctor has completed specialized training in the use of fat augmentation injection for painful corns, calluses and fat atrophy with LEPUEVA allograft.

Dr. David Aungst

Dr. David Aungst was hand selected for the practice after completing his surgical residency training program at the Department of Veteran Affairs and Olive View/UCLA Medical Center. He is the current Chief of the Podiatric Section and Director of Podiatric Medical Education. He holds academic appointments at several podiatric medical colleges across the country.

Having been a collegiate athlete himself and currently still active in various sports activities, Dr. Aungst enjoys treating patients with athletic injuries. He understands the concerns and needs of athletically oriented patients.