Do I Need to See a Podiatrist?

We all experience some type of foot problem during our lifetime. If left untreated, these problems can lead to serious long-term pain.

A podiatrist is the specialist who can best treat foot & ankle problems, from skin to muscles, ligaments to bones. We cater to each patient’s individual needs, children, adults and seniors. We offer preventative care as well as medical solutions for pain and injuries of the foot & ankle.

You need to see a podiatrist if …

you have discolored or thickened toenails you have diabetes or suspect you might you have sore toenails you have heel pain you have arthritis/stiffness you have feet that are red or itch you notice any new growth on your foot you have had an injury to your foot You have a slow or non-healing woundyou have pain from tight fitting shoes or high heels you experience pain when you walk, jog or exercise you have ankle pain you have itchy, scaly or dry feet your feet are often swollen you get blisters on your feet your foot pain may originate from your back you have sore toes or feet you have flat feet

A thorough podiatric evaluation will look for concerning issues that can be controlled or improved, and will allow us to educate you on how to better care for your feet.

Recommendations may include:

• stretching and strengthening exercises • physical therapy • palliative care • modifications to your activities • a pair of custom-made prescription orthotics (link) • surgical repair

Our feet are like the tires of a car, but we only get one pair — so we have to minimize wear and tear for a lifetime of happy feet.