I can’t remember the last time a doctor was as compassionate as Dr. Towfigh. Not only does she know EXACTLY what she’s doing, she is also very generous sharing her wisdom so the patient clearly understands the issue and the treatment process. Not an easy thing to do when speaking to my 13 year old son. When I left her office I thought to myself, “I wish there was something wrong with my feet, I love this doctor.”

Gil J.

Dr. Abby Towfigh is absolutely lovely, kind, professional and patient. After a procedure to deal with my ingrown toenails, she wrote out her recommendations as well as after-care instructions complete with a package of special bandaids and Betadine. The office is cheerful and happiness, accepts a lot of insurance! Not often that one leaves an office happy.

Madeleine g.

I would absolutely go back! The office staff was incredibly nice and accommodating (very rare these days). I called to schedule an appointment for a toe injury that got from running and they were able to see me the next day. The doctor had a very kind, straight forward approach and took the time to answer all of my questions. Fortunately, my injury was minor and I won’t need to go back, but if I ever did need a podiatrist again I would absolutely go back to Santa Monica Podiatry Group.

Leah L. Santa Monica

Dr. Towfigh is great! The wait time was short in the waiting room – so I got to see her pretty soon after I got to the office. She explained how the structure of the foot works, and why I was having pain in the middle of my foot… turns out I have flat feet! She made a mold of my feet and my orthotics were ready a few weeks later! I went back to have them fitted to my shoes and now that I’ve broken them in I’m addicted to wearing my orthotics in all my shoes. I’m actually going to have a few sets made… Makes a world of difference in how my feet feel.

Iven A. Santa Monica

I am a real person. This past Saturday, while pitching in a softball game, a line drive went off my big toe, causing a significant injury. Dr. Towfigh squeezed me in today on a 1/2 hour’s notice; the staff was friendly, and the wait was minimal. I was AMAZED by the care and quality of service I received from Dr. Towfigh. She explained the injury, explained the steps necessary to fix it, numbed my toe, injected it, cleaned it, took care of the rest of my toes, put me in a boot, gave me extra bandages and ortho-socks, and set up another appointment. My actual treatment lasted more than thirty minutes. Dr. Towfigh was friendly, compassionate, knowledgeable, professional and thorough. Frankly, she provided top-notch service; as good as I can recall in any Dr.’s office. I highly, highly recommend her. Also, I asked about the one-star review from Angel R., posted on this page. Suffice it to say, there are two sides to every story, and having heard the Dr.’s side, I do not believe the content of Angel R.’s negative review for one nanosecond. If you have a foot problem, or an injury, run (if you can) or walk, or limp to Dr. Towfigh. She is a five-star physician.

Steve L. Santa Monica

What can I say about having happy feet? Dr. Towfigh! Dr. Boykoff!!! I never knew why my feet hurt so much after work. I stand all day on my feet. Dr. Towfigh took a mold of my feet and custom orthotics were made, which slip into my Saucony shoes and I have Happy Feet! Once a year I reline my orthotics which is easy and simple. I love their entire staff.

Eriko P. Santa Monica