Warts / Growths

If you notice any growths on your feet it is best to have them examined before they develop into something more painful or something more dangerous to your health. Although most growths on people’s feet are benign, they can still be very painful and progressive in nature. There are many types of growths that appear on people’s feet just as other parts of their bodies. Some of the most common growths that we see include the following:
• Corns
• Warts
• Calluses
• Keratomas
• Porokeratoses
• Basal cell and squamous cell carcinomas
• Fissures
• Fungal growths

If you notice any new growth or change in existing growths, they should be checked immediately.

Warts are one of the most common growths we treat. A wart is a viral growth caused by direct contact if skin is compromised (a cut, scratch or abrasion can allow virus to enter the skin). Warts can be painful upon standing or with side-to-side compression. Capillary buds may exist within the lesion, resulting in a “salt and pepper” appearance. Warts can be on the top “dorsum” of the foot or on the bottom or “plantar” surface of your foot, and it may develop a callus on top of it, making it more painful.

Self removal of a wart should NOT be attempted. You can cause infection, spread of the wart tissue, in addition to pain and bleeding if treated improperly!

Treatments provided by a podiatrist can include:
• Acids and blistering agents
• Drying agents (Formalin)
• Freezing (cryotherapy)
• Electrocautery
• Surgical excision.

Warts are traditionally difficult to eradicate, so professional and persistent treatment is very important. At the Santa Monica Podiatry Group we have the latest cryotherapy treatment. This treatment can remove warts in one to three applications, most of the time without pain or need for anesthesia.

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