Heel Pain

The most common cause of pain that we treat. If you have pain, there are several different causes that may be involved depending upon your age, occupation and activity level.

Many times younger patients will have heel pain with sports activities stemming from the development of the growth plates in their heel. This is easily treated but should to be diagnosed promptly.

Although heel pain can be mild, there are certain problems that necessitate a timely evaluation and treatment to lead to successful healing, such as stress fractures of the heel bone (calcaneus) or other pathologies of the bone. If too much time passes and proper treatment and stabilization is not initiated, treatment may become more protracted.

Plantar Fasciitis many times will present as pain in the heel, and is the most common cause of heel pain.

Heel pain can be on the bottom, sides or back of the heel, all possibly leading to a different diagnosis. Early diagnosis and treatment is the key to a fast recovery. Sometimes a short-term course of physical therapy can be a helpful adjunct in resolving the symptoms of heel pain.

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