Corns / Calluses

Are usually caused by something causing friction on the top or soles of your feet that can cause mild or severe pain depending upon their location. They are the most common foot lesions treated by podiatrists. They are both a thickened layer of skin due to pressure and friction. A corn is thick, has a more focal area, and more commonly occurs on the toes. A callus is a diffuse thickening of the skin, more commonly under the balls of the feet.

The most common causes of corns and calluses are:
• Ill-fitting footwear causing friction
• Toe/bone deformities
• Biomechanical/gait abnormalities.

We specialize in the removal and prevention of recurrence of these painful lesions. Self treatment is NOT recommended. Corn pads/topical solutions you can buy over the counter contain acid that can erode normal skin, resulting in burns and/or ulcers. Bathroom surgery may also be dangerous and result in lacerations and infections.

Sometimes the solution is as easy as changing the style of shoe that you wear or sometimes creating a support that off-loads the pressures that are causing these problems.

Our office specializes in the therapeutic palliation and professional debridement/shaving of thickened tissues. We are the only office in the country that offers 5 therapeutic whirlpool baths to appropriately prepare the feet for this type of medical treatment.

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