Athlete’s Foot

One of the easiest problems to prevent and treat but only with early diagnosis and treatment of this sometimes very painful skin condition.

There are three major causes of athlete’s foot, or “tinea pedis”, each of which present in a certain visual pattern on the feet. Each is easily treatable and curable in a relatively small period of time, usually with topical medications chosen specifically for the type of athlete’s foot, involved.

Generally, athele’s foot is a skin condition caused by fungus that likes to grow especially in a warm, dark and humid environment. Genetic susceptibility plays a large role. Symptoms include dryness, redness, itching, scaling, blisters, malodor, and possible secondary bacterial infections.

You can reduce your chances of getting Athlete’s foot if you:
• Avoid walking barefoot in common areas
• Reduce perspiration
• Change shoes frequently and wear light/breathable footwear
• Wear socks that keep feet dry and wick away moisture

Athlete’s foot treatments can include any of the following, alone or in combination:
• Topical antifungals
• Oral antifungals
• Drying agents
• Changes in footwear and socks
Laser treatment

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